About beta

Tapaaminen.net beta version is early beta so we can develop this version based on feedback.

You can send feedback using [email protected] email address.

Beta version uses the same database as production version. So you can use "normal" or beta version.

Beta versions all features does not work on the "normal" version. Beta has more features than the "normal" version.

We do not take responsibility of possible problems regarding the beta software!

Beta versions "features"

  • Bugs: You may find some bugs and we are working on it!
  • UI problems: UI and mobile UI is being worked all the time based on feedback and observations.
  • Changes: Because this is beta version, we may change things quite fast.
  • Problems: There is probably some issues and problems since it is a beta.
  • Translations: Because we started translating this site in english there may be some funny translations!